Hello,everyone! I'm Krystal Davis,an Atlanta Deaf Fashion Designer, Black owned Business, Creative Director, and Seamstress Buttercup Closet Collection. At the age of 19 months,Krystal was very interested in the sewing machine and discovered her passion for fashion and her God-Given Gift of designing clothes.

Once my mom caught me at her sewing machine,She began teaching me to use it. So,I wouldn't hurt myself. By age Nine, I no longer sat on her lap while sewing, I was on my own. My mom gave me a sewing machine. By age 11,I was sewing for my classmates and some of our staff members,at Atlanta Area School for the Deaf. Although specializing in elegant evening wear for womens and mens. Her designs are regularly sought out by many clients, especially those attending red carpet events and parties. Her work has been featured in numerous Fashion Shows and Fashion magazines such as Vogue Pattern Magazine, Iconique Magazine, and Barber & Beauty Magazine!

Krystal Davis Buttercup Closet Collection